Ivan Dolac

Ivan Dolac is a top quality red wine produced from the autochthonous Dalmatian variety Plavac mali. The grapes are handpicked exclusively at the Ivan Dolac locality in the sunny but unwelcoming southern slopes of the Hvar island. This strong “masculine” wine is characterised by its dark ruby red colour and varietal aroma and flavour which is reflection of the five-year ripening in controlled conditions.

Did you know?

Ivan Dolac is one of the most appreciated wines from the variety Plavac mali and the first Croatian Plavac certified as an ecological product.

  • Ideal temperature:

    18 °C
  • Available volumes:

    0,75 L
  • Serving suggestion:

    It is served chilled to 18 °C with seafood specialities, grilled fine fish and crabs as well as roasted dark meat

Awards received

  • MUNDUSvini 2015. | Neustadt, Germany

    silver medal for Ivan Dolac 2009.
  • MUNDUSvini Bio Fach 2012 | Neustadt, Germany

    gold medal for Ivan Dolac 2007.
  • International wine challenge 2011. | London, England

    bronze medal for Ivan Dolac 2007.
  • DECANTER 2010. | London, England

    commendation for Ivan Dolac 2007.
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